Health and Wellness

Our Health and Wellness department works for those who wish to improve their quality of life via their eating habits.

We offer Nutritional Counselling, which is broken down into three packages accordingly. First we always offer an ear to listen and there are always options to receive more from our service. All sessions will be once a week. Below is a list of the packages and what we include.

3hr = Basic Sessions

6hr = 5 basic sessions + 1hr action plan session + 7 day eating plan

9hr = 5 basic sessions +2hr action plan sessions + 2hr healthy cooking tips and recipes + 14 day eating plan

We also provide organic meal packages and herbal tea for our more mature population who may suffer with diabetes and high blood pressure, arthritis depression and many more. Or simple mobility issues. If you would like to stay in your own home but are unable to cook or clean for yourself or may you have an elderly relative who you are concerned about and would like to provide a service for them where you can be sure that all meals will be balanced. eg lactose free gluten free or vegan or vegetarian.

We will provide an initial consultation and tailor make a package to suit each individual. Even you want just health Tea or just meals we are able to deliver a service for more information please leave a message on the contact page and I will be happy to provide a full breakdown.

7 days meals from £35 a week

5 day meals from £25 a week

4 day meals from £20 a week

3 day meals from £15 a week

2 day meals from £10 a week

All meal prices are excluding herbal tea and smoothies.

Introducing Meat Free Munchkins

An exciting and diverse way to interest your little ones to eat meat free, which comes with recepies and other fun ways to introduce the healthy eating lifestyle to children.

Its not just all about eating your greens!

Please note* If you suffer from nut allergies or dietary illness, please consult your GP before signing up.