How I Got Here! #mystory

Here is where it all began (“,)

I am a Mother, a DJ, an Entrepreneur and a Woman.  After watching my parents run a successful self owned business for 15+ years, I was inspired to be in the family business and branch off to own my own some day.  Alas after a separation and a bereavement the thriving business was no more. So I began working in the field of Social Care there I encountered a number of children and adults who had experienced some form of crisis in their lives and needed support to find a way back to “normalness” or living a balanced lifestyle.  I naturally took to this work helping to make peoples lives better and found my rewards through their success stories.

I then began to reflect on my own life and see where I could take some of my own advice and practice to make a better me.  In 2011 I stumbled across a couple of motivational speakers called Esther and Jerry Hicks and as I began to put the tools into practice I was then able to analyse living a natural life in all senses, meditation, diet, and general mindset. I also began to look into the type of food I ate much more closely. I concluded, my mood and thoughts could be affected by what I ate and the same for my children, so I decided to go natural and change my eating habits and lifestyle completely.  Then I was diagnosed with Fibroids (which I was not prepared to have surgery for) so I was on a crusade to heal me and my family to give us all a better quality of life.

Here I am today with a Degree in Criminology and Psychology, a diploma for Event Management and a diploma in Nutrition I am ready to share my knowledge and gifts with the rest of the world (for a small fee of course).

So let me help you (its what I do best) and what I enjoy!

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